The Church is Founded

Our church was founded in 1912 by 46 residents seeking to establish a community of faith. The main building that houses our sanctuary was built five years later and served for many years as a community center and movie theater, as well as a church. This Craftsmen-era building remains our church home today. It is an official San Dimas Historical Landmark.

We’re History!

On Saturday, August 21, 2004 at 1:30 pm the San Dimas Historical Society dedicated San Dimas Community Church as City Historical Site #15. In a ceremony which honored sponsoring church members Bee Dallas and Gwen Noah, a simple bronze plaque embedded in the church sidewalk was unveiled by San Dimas Historical Society President Paul Rippens to mark the occasion.

The church was previously recognized by the San Dimas Historical Society on May 8, 1987, with the dedication of a wooden plaque which currently hangs in the entrance to the church sanctuary

This is Our Church

For a PDF document providing a more detailed description of our church’s history,¬†download¬†This Is Our Church.