Supporting Each Other

We understand that being a follower of Christ means supporting our community, both inside our doors and outside. Inside, we seek to support each other in our faith journeys—and share with each other about those journeys, hold each other in prayer and loving embrace in times of joy and crisis, and be a place where God’s dream for the world begins to take root. Our lively youth program helps young people grow into the faith and our adult education programs help us share knowledge with each other.

Reaching Out to Others

Living God’s dream also means reaching out to others. Besides our Food Pantry, we provide a place for AA and similar groups to meet, offer fair trade goods to church attendees, support a wide variety of charitable organizations with our time and money, including the larger missions of the United Church of Christ.

Events & Activities

Finally, we offer a place for weddings and memorial services. We also invite you to participate in our community by attending our public activities and fundraisers.