Home. It’s an interesting concept. Is it a physical building? Is it a more abstract concept? Is it where your family is? Is it where your stuff is?

San Dimas Community Church United Church of Christ has been the home for many people over the last 106 years, 101 in our current Sanctuary. Much has changed—the name of the church, the city and world around us, culture… The people have changed over the years. Longtime members have moved away, others still remain. Children raised and married in the church have families of their own.

The last few years saw the departure of a beloved pastor and a bold step into our call to inclusivity with the hiring of a new one. Like much of Mainline Protestant Christianity, we are smaller than we once were. Long gone are the days of, “if you build it, they will come.” Younger generations don’t have the same traditions of participating in Sunday morning worship.

Over the last two years, the people who call ourselves San Dimas Community Church have done the hard work of rediscovering our DNA and who we are called to be. We identified that we exist to create a just world where ALL are included in the family of God. This is lived out in the work of our Hunger Pantry which offers food to those who need it three days a week. We are launching the second season of the Third Street Cinema, creating a place where families—from our midst and the community alike—are encouraged to engage a culture rooted in storytelling together; this harkens back to the history of our building. Though we are smaller than we once were, being a family church is still at the heart of who we are.

A church is not a building. A church is made up of people, of families. So, it’s a family of families. Families come in all shapes and sizes, a family can be one person, or twelve. A church is always changing. People visit. People stay. People move away. Thus, our church is different from what it was one, five, or fifty years ago. What remains unchanged is our commitment to share the love of God—exemplified in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection—with more people in ways relevant to today’s culture.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a gathering of our family, we want to invite you to come home. Whatever the reason may be, we hope you’ll check us out again. We long to be a place where you feel at home again.

Our Welcome Home Sunday is October 28. Worship will be followed by a family lunch. Won’t you join us? We hope so.

With the love of our family,
The Church Council of San Dimas Community Church UCC

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