Happy September! Fall is nigh as our summer sermon series ended. I’d like to share something from my sermon with those of you who missed it:

Going through a pastoral transition stretches the bonds that connect us. New relationships have to be formed between me and you. And we have been doing good work to get to know and trust one another. But it’s time to take that relationship to the next level.

We have to get to know one another’s hopes and dreams. Our memories and stories. Our fears and longings. And that’s not something I can do by just stopping in the middle of my sermon and asking you what they are. Those are the things that only come by building relationships—by connecting on a personal level.

At some point this month, you’re all going to get a phone call from me, and I’m going to invite your family to spend time with me. We can meet wherever you’d like, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, your home, a restaurant. I’m going to invite you to connect. I want to hear your stories. I want to hear what you love about this church. I want to hear in what ways you feel called to be part of God’s work of sharing the Good News. Most of all, I want to get to know all of you better. Because we are partners in ministry. It takes all of us working together to build trust and strengthen this community.

I look forward to setting up time with all of you who call SDCC your church home.

Grace and peace to you,
Pastor Matthew

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